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3 Tips to Plan a Birthday Party

Top 3 Planning Tips for Birthday Party in Colorado Springs

My daughter, Ashley is turning eight this month and I am planning out her birthday party. Where should I have the party, what food, who should we invite, and how much is it going to cost me? I am sure you are thinking the same questions for your child’s party. Planning a Birthday Party in Colorado Springs should be easy and simple. Why is it so hard? I get it.. we want the best birthday party for our children. There are a few things I have learned that help with planning before booking a party package that will make the Birthday easy and simple. The top 3 Birthday Party concerns for Colorado Springs families are; Weather, Guest count, and the Party Package Cost. Here are the best practices I have learned to make those choices simple. Indoor Birthday party, Colorado Springs Birthday party location

TIP 1:  How to plan around Colorado weather

Are you one of the lucky ones with a summer birthday for your child? Congrats you planned well; for the rest of us we must guess what old man winter will do on their day. Weather can change instantly in Colorado Springs, one moment it is 75 degrees & beautiful and the next you are scrapping the ice off your windows. Planning an indoor party can take the guess work out of the equation and allow you one less thing to worry about. Its always warm inside!

If you plan the party be sure to have back up plans in the event of a snow storm or even worse a news station forecasted snow storm.. It is usually the intense storm when none of the weather forecasters are predicting it and then when the do Colorado Springs receives a lite dusting. Know what the Party Package policy is for severe weather. Can you postpone the event, If yes, how many days/hrs in advance must you notify them? A good business has a procedure in place and does not want to risk their employees and guest travel in event of severe snow storm. Be sure to work with your party planner at the business you choose so you have both an understanding.

Check the weather about 10 days in advance to give you an extended outlook on your plans but always realize that here in Colorado Springs that can change. Knowing the policy and the predicted weather you can make an educated guess that will have the least amount of impact on your wallet.

TIP 2: How to estimate Birthday Party guest count

Now that you secured the party location, completed the details for the date and time, and they ask you “how many guest?” Like you have any idea;

The questions that might go through your mind:

  • Does my child’s school have a “You must invite everyone policy?”
  • If I did invite all, would all the kids come?
  • What about papa and granny?
  • Are my crazy brother and sister going to bring their families?
  • What about siblings of the kids we invite, should we pay for them?
  • She wants to invite the whole soccer team and classroom?

Best Birthday Party, Kids Birthday Party, Indoor Birthday PartyYikes… my visa card is going to burn up! Having hosted more than 1000 parties I have seen that about 40% will RSVP and about 80% show up the day of the party! How do you plan for that 20% difference?  This is were working with your party planner at the business comes in to your benefit. Be sure to ask the question, What happens if I have more guest or less? Are all guest required to pay for visit? Does grandma and grandpa pay to come watch and take photos? Knowing these answers upfront will calm your nerves and allow you to scale up or down easily.

Be sure that the party invitations have a RSVP deadline a day before your actual deadline with the party location. This allows you to add the late responses without a penalty. Knowing the best guest count and when the deadline for financial charges allows you to remove some stress from planning your child’s birthday party.

TIP 3: How to get the best Party Package Cost

A child’s birthday party price can skyrocket from add-ons, extra food, more activities, and on top of that gifts for the child! Wow, I am exhausted just thinking it all..

Don’t fret, as you must understand what you want to accomplish with the party. Giving your child a great day with friends and family celebrating their “full trip around the sun,” that is the main goal. Lots of smiles, ?  laughter, and good wholesome fun. It is not about how fancy of toys or the deluxe package, or the luxury thank you goodies bags. It is all about that child having a great day with their friends and family, and you enjoying the smiles!Girls Birthday Party, Colorado Springs Birthday Party location, Best Birthday

When looking at price be sure you know the cost of all the add-ons, and additional items. Ask the planner questions;

What if we have more guest for the Birthday Party?

Does the deposit apply to the Party Package?

Can I bring in my own food and goodies?

Now it is time to call and get the best rates. Planning early allows you the biggest savings. Don’t wait until a week before the date and try to get a party package. All the valuable time slots will be sold, and the price will be the highest offered. I have found it is best to call and plan 4-6 weeks in advance and ask about any upcoming specials? Ask for military price or any special upgrades. What about repeat customers? A good business loves to host repeat customer parties as it continues the brand recognition and the word of mouth to guest.

Rather than ask for as discount ask about the upgrades, is there a private room you could be upgraded to as a repeat customer, or maybe an additional add-on item. Look for things that potentially do not have a physical cost to the business but are more of service. You will need to plan 6 weeks or more ahead to do this and be sure to use tach when asking as it all depends on the party planner and the current demand for the business. Taking your time to plan and ask for specials will get you the best price for your child’s party package.

Well as you can see planning a party for kids can be very stressful, the key is to plan ahead and ask the right questions. Checking the weather, estimating guest count, and asking for upgrades in advance will result in the Best Birthday party for your child!

  • Written by Isaac Brandon
  • Isaac@SpringsAP.com

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